lmbks's goal is to shift the way we communicate stress in the workplace.


Assist PhD and grad students in developing code for their projects.

Lambda School

Built projects centered around DS practices.


The projects I have created rely on various ML techniques. I have used NLP techniques to build chatbots, RESTful APIs to graph neural net outputs, and have performed analtics on datasets to create interpretable models. Click the project link to check some of these out.

Interest and Goals

My current goals involve increasing experiance in professional work settings to deliver best practices in data engineering. I then want to assist in developing real time modeling for biometric information. Late life, I would love to reserach HCC problems and write about philosophy.


Reading pushes me past conceptual limits. If you have any suggestions reach out.


My research interest comprise human-centered computing problems.


Participating in philosophical discourse allows the readdressing of current believes .